A film you could never shoot if you were not a graffiti writer.
About dreams come true, and the price paid for it.

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Girl Power is a documentary that presents female graffiti writers from fifteen cities – from Prague to Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Biel, Madrid, Berlin, Toulouse, Barcelona and all the way to New York. The graffiti community is predominantly a man's world, and men often share the view that graffiti – namely the illegal kind – is not for girls. And yet women have become increasingly more emancipated in recent years; there are female graffiti shows, magazines and websites. Girl Power captures the stories of ladies who have succeeded in the male graffiti world.

However, Girl Power is more than just a look into the graffiti microcosm; it tells the moving story of Czech writer Sany, who decided in 2009 to capture female emancipation in graffiti on film and to give other girls and women the possibility to express themselves. It took her 7 long years to complete the documentary. We follow her life with graffiti, her motivation and values that keep changing as the years go by. We will also meet her family, who are absolutely unaware of Sany's "second life". Sany sacrifices a lot for the film, but even when she's at the end of her tether, she refuses to give up on her dream – to make the very first movie depicting females in graffiti.

06. 01. 2017

Girl Power na festivalu v Soulu.

Girl Power at Soul Women's Film Festival.

Girl Power was selected from thousands of applications to be a part of SEOUL Women's Film Festival that is known as the world’s largest international women’s film festival.

12. 12. 2016

Girl Power back in da kitchen!

Girl Power back in da kitchen!

Realise of Girl Power DVD! Více

28. 10. 2016

Girl Power na dokumentárním festivalu Jihlava.

Girl Power was screened at documentary festival Jihlava.

Director Jan Zajiček and editor Zdeněk Marek.

29. 09. 2016

Dnes startuje kinodistribuce na Slovensku!

Today starts cinemadistribution in Slovakia!

21. 09. 2016

Projekce v Toulouse.

Projection in Toulouse.

08. 09. 2016

Projekce v Tartu.

Projection in Tartu.

08. 08. 2016

Projekce ve Vídní.

Projection in Vienna.

24. 05. 2016

Fronta na projekci v Berlíně.

Line for projection in Berlin

About 600 people came to support us <3

30. 04. 2016

Kinodistribuce v CR začíná

Today starting cinemadistribution in the Czech Republic.

You can see us in cinemas in the whole Czech Republic

29. 02. 2016



The premier of Girl Power movie and after party was great!Thank you!

29. 02. 2016

První fotoreport z GP premiéry v ČR.

First photos from the GP premier.

Check it! Více

10.06.2017 - France - Metz - Arsenal more here
02.06.2017 - South Korea - Soul - The 19thSEOUL International Women’s Film Festival more here
11.05.2017 - Poland - Krakow - Zet Pe Te more here
27.04.2017 - Germany - Flensburg - Volxbad
22.04.2017 - Australia - Adelaine - Cinema
08.04.2017 - Connecticut - Hartford - Trinity hip - hop festival more here
07.04.2017 - France - Marseille - Tatt&Graffi
25.03.2017 - Italy - Lecce - KiiO Lab spazio coworking
25.03.2017 - Switzerland - Bern - Reitschule cinema
22.03.2017 - Sweden - Stockholm - Gallery Botkykra
17.03.2017 - Finland - Vantaa - Art Museum Artsi more here
14.03.2017 - Switzerland - Basel - Off Bar
12.03.2017 - Germany - Wasserburg am Inn - Kino Utopia
08.03.2017 - France - Rennes - Antipode MJC more here
08.03.2017 - Germany - Postdam - FILMMUSEUM POTSDAM more here
24.02.2017 - Australia - Melbourne - Grumpy's Green
23.02.2017 - Germany - Bochum - Endstation.kino more here
18.02.2017 - Italy - Rome - SCuP
16.02.2017 - Germany - Nuremberg - Municipal Association Desi more here
09.02.2017 - England - Nottingham - The Anti Gallery more here
09.02.2017 - Germany - Frankfurt am Main - Klapperfeld Ex-Gefängnis more here
05.02.2017 - Germany - Essen - Rathaus Galerie Essen
05.02.2017 - Russia - Nizhny Novgorod - Nizhny Novgorod
28.01.2017 - Belgium - Brussels - Women's Film Festival "Elles Tournent"
24.01.2017 - Germany - Berlin - "B-Lage" more here
18.12.2016 - Germany - Münster - cinema
16.12.2016 - Poland - Lublin - Brain Damage Gallery
12.12.2016 - China - Beijing - OneWorld Festival
07.12.2016 - Germany - Wiesbaden - Film Theater more here
03.12.2016 - Germany - Hannover - Elchkeller
01.12.2016 - Australia - Canberra - Sanchosdirtylaundry more here
01.12.2016 - Germany - Leipzig - Club
21.11.2016 - Germany - Berlin - One World Film Festival Berlin more here
17.11.2016 - Germany - Hanau - Autonomes Kulturzentrum more here
05.11.2016 - Germany - Dresden - AZ Conni more here
26.10.2016 - Australia - Sydney - Redfern Community Centre
18.10.2016 - Germany - Göttingen - Lumière more here
15.10.2016 - Frence - Paris - X Bar Connection more here
13.10.2016 - Germany - Leipzig - IFZ
12.10.2016 - Germany - Bremen - OstKurvenSaal more here
29.09.2016 - Germany - Essen - Campus Essen
27.09.2016 - France - Aix-en-Provence - Art association Larueestverslart more here
24.09.2016 - Russia - Moscow - Moscow Art Biennale
22.09.2016 - Germany - Hamburg - Film Festival UNERHÖRT!
20.09.2016 - Germany - Kiel - Hansa48
20.09.2016 - France - Toulouse - American Cosmograph
18.09.2016 - Belgium - Charleroi - Tatoo Graffiti Expo
17.09.2016 - Germany - Hannover - Platzprojekt
15.09.2016 - Finland - Helsinki - Film Festival Love & Anarchy
15.09.2016 - France - Saint-Denis - Cinema L'Ecran
10.09.2016 - England - Birmingham - MAK UK TOUR more here
08.09.2016 - Bosna a Hercegovina - Banja Luka - Blart festival
05.09.2016 - Estonia - Tartu - Stencibility festival
02.09.2016 - Columbia - Bogota - Art Film Festival
01.09.2016 - Slovennia- Krajn - Film Festival FILMMIXER
26.08.2016 - Germany - Munchen - Milla Club
21.08.2016 - Norway - Oslo - Kuns Festival
06.08.2016 - Austria - Vienna - Frame[o]ut Film Festival
02.08.2016 - Nikarague - Managua - Festival De Cine MÁS
23.07.2016 - Germany - Postdam - Freiland
21.07.2016 - Canada - Montréal - Cinema Out Of The Box more here
14.07.2016 - Germany - Liepzig - Urban Up Festival
08.07.2016 - Germany - Hamburg - Old Bunker
02.07.2016 - Poland - Gdansk - Layup Art Centrum
18.06.2016 - Finland - Helsinki - Suomen Ensi-Ilta
08.05.2016 - England - London - Red Gallery
07.05.2016 - Ukraine - Slavutych - Film Festival "86"
24.04.2016 - Germany - Berlin - Urban Spree
23.03.2016 - France - Paris - Urban Art Fair more here
19.03.2016 - Slovakia - Martin - Live Painting 3


Rio de Janeiro


Claw Money

New York City









Funky Girls






Lady Pink

New York City




Martha Cooper

New York City




Mick La Rock



Miss 17

New York City

Motel 7

Cape Town



New York City

Musa 71



Nika Kramer





Puff Girls

Essen/ Düsseldorf










Shamsia Hassani







New York City



Story, Script, Director & Co-producer

Sany studied marketing communication. She actively participates in organising cultural events in Prague and abroad. She has produced several big festivals and is one the only female graffiti writers in the Czech Republic. She has devoted herself to graffiti for 15 years.

Jan Zajíček

Co-director and Script

Movie director, animator and editor. He studied Animation and Direction at the Film and TV School at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He has composed the music for several movies, edited documentary films and feature film trailers. He was one of the pioneers of the Czech graffiti scene at the beginning of the 1990s.

Ondřej Rybár


He graduated from the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek. From 2008 he has participated in many documentary films. Since 2014 he has lived abroad and has made films and TV spots all around the world.

Zdeněk Marek


He studied Editing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. As an editor he participated in films Český sen, Ničeho nelituju or Silný cafe.

Veronika Korčáková

Script Editor

She graduated from the Film and TV School at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where she studied Documentary Films, and also graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague, where she studied Social Work. She has created more than 20 documentary films.

Petr Hofman

Sound Designer

He graduated from the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek. He has worked as a sound engineer for many TV broadcasts, series, advertisements and films.

Ondřej Skala

Music composer

He studied at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and ABK Maastricht. Currently he is a postgraduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He is a member of the audiovisual project "Ježíš táhne na Berlín". He has composed music for several theatre performances and six documentaries.

Advance Design

Graphics Film

Petr Bosák a Robert Jansa studied Type Design and Typography, Graphic Design and New Media at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. They founded the project They received Typo Design Club Award (2013), The Most Beautiful Czech Book Award (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014) or the Main Award in the category under 35 years at 24th Graphic Design Bienale in Brno (2010)

Filip Čermák

Executive Producer

He studied Production at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He is a producer of films and documentaries, he values Generace Singles and Nenasytná Tiffany most.

Martin Hůlovec


He is a co-owner of the production company PUNK FILM, which has produced for example four film documentaries which have been released in cinemas, several film novellas, and an animated film.

Martina Šantavá

Producer Czech TV

Martina Šantavá is a creative producer in the creative producers’ group of documents and journalism at Czech Television. She graduated from the Film and TV School at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where she studied Film and TV Production. She worked on the TV market originally as a script editor, later as a producer for HBO.

Roman Blaas

Production Manager Czech TV

Roman Blaas works in the Czech Television, previously Czechoslovak Television. He has produced TV programs of all genres besides news and sport, recently he has been concentrating on documentaries.

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Martin Hůlovec


+420 251 553 992

Filip Čermák

Executive producer

+420 251 553 992



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